Nadula Cheveux 3 Bundles/Beaucoup Péruviens De Cheveux De Vague De Corps De 3 Faisceaux De Cheveux Humains Ombre Tisse T1b/4/27 Couleur Des Extensions De Cheveux Remy

€77.70 €111.00

Nadula Cheveux 3Piece/Beaucoup Péruviens de Cheveux de Vague de Corps De 3 Faisceaux de Cheveux Humains Ombre Tisse T1b/4/27 Couleur des Extensions de Cheveux Remy

  • Conception De La Partie: Partie Libre
  • Peut Être Permanentés: Oui
  • Matériel De Qualité: Cheveux Remy
  • Le Nom De La Marque: nadula
  • La Texture: La Vague De Corps
  • Homme Type De Cheveux: Cheveux Péruviens
  • L'emballage: 3 pcs Trame
  • Adapté De Mourir Couleurs: Toutes Les Couleurs
  • Le Plus Long Cheveux Proportion: >=10%
  • Traitement Chimique: Permanentés

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Great hair like always. Never have any complaints
The hair arrived so fast I didn’t know if I’ve even received it. The bundles are beautiful and full.
Hair is very soft
Ok the other pictures for the reviews on this hair just do not do it justice. The Quality of this hair is amazing. It’s so soft. Very little to no shedding. The ombré is blended so nice. I love it. I order from this company all the time. Super fast shipping too!!
This is my first time ordering hair from online and I must say I am impressed by how fast I received my order. I usually am skeptical of ordering hair online because I want to see it and be able to feel the texture. This hair came in a nice box and I love the Ombre color. There was also a set of eyelashes in the box as a free gift. This is my first time that I will be trying this type of style and color as a birthday treat and I look forward to the final results!

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